Waynesburg Meat Shop

Beef, Pork, Deer
Farm to Your Table

       Welcome to Waynesburg Meat Shop

A small custom country butcher shop that is
interested in serving you!

We are a family owned meat processor in the
Big Valley area. We are nestled in between the
towns of State College and Huntington and Lewistown. Our focus is to provide our customers with quality meat processing services.

We are excited to be able to provide our customers with grass-fed and grain-fed Angus x, and Holstein beef from our farm. Call and schedule a beef in from our farm to your table.

Your beef can be processed to meet your specific needs. Get your quality steaks, roasts,hamburger patties,and hamburger vaccum packed and frozen to fill your freezer. Have too much burger? You can get snack sticks, ring bologna ,lebanon bologna, or hot dogs made.

Don't have a beef? We can get an Angus or Holstein beef for you.
   Your pig can be processed to satisify those breakfast cravings. Regular sausage, hot sausage, pork chops, canadian bacon, regular bacon,or cured ham are the most popular options.

Do you like to have family and friends for a pig roast? We can provide you with a scalded and scraped roasting pig .
 Hunting is a captivating sport in Big Valley. Our shop allows you the convenience of bringing your deer straight from the woods. Let us deal with the complete processing. We can do a package deal of all your specialty cuts and hamburger. Or you can get snack sticks, ring bologna , lebanon bologna, or hot dogs made from your deer. 

  Thank you for your business in the 2023 deer season!  We look forward to serving you next year.  

Spring Kill dates available. Call to schedule your beef or pig today.


We are a custom butcher shop no retail store available at this time.

                1/8 and 1/4 Boxes Available

   We are offering 1/8 beef and 1/4 pork boxes for your  convenience. Fill your freezer with fresh meat . 

                      1/8 Angus Beef Bundles
 Each of these bundles include the following...
4-Delomonica steak,4- New York Strip Steak, 4- Fillet Mignon, Roast -2, Soup bones -2,  Bottom Round Steak -2, Sirlion Steak-1 and Tip Steak-2. These steak are deboned and ready for the grill. We have also included 40 steak seasoned hamburger patties, and 26lb. of regular burger. Price for these 1/8 boxes is $378. Each box has approximately 43lbs. of meat. 

                       1/8 Beef Bundle
    This beef is all hamburger. Each box has  52 lbs of meat that is vacuum packed in 1 lb packages .  This beef is a holstine cow that was born,raised and butchered on our farm.   The price for this 1/8 beef is $287.50. 

                         1/4 Pork Bundle
  These bundles will have a variety of items for your freezer. Items are 1/2 of a ham in slices, and 1 ham end, 5 lb.of bacon in 1lb.  packs, 1 pork roast, -4 packs of pork chops, 2 chops in a pack, 1  pack of ribs, 9 packs of regular sausage, 9 packs of hot sausage links- 3 links in a pack.. Price for these boxes are $163.93.

   The pork bundles and beef  bundles with steak and burgers would make excellent memorial day weekend grill parties!


Items to Make

Snack Sticks- hot, regular, or sweet Ring Bologna- hot, regular ,or garlic Summer Sausage-regular or garlic Lebanon Bologna- regular or sweet Hot Dogs You can add pepper jack or cheddar cheese to any of these.


Accept cash or check only


717 -437 -6973

  • Belleville, PA, USA
  • Open Monday thru Friday 8-4 Saturday- 8-12