1/8 and 1/4 Boxes Available

   We are offering 1/8 beef and 1/4 pork boxes for your  convenience. Fill your freezer with fresh meat . 

                      1/8 Angus Beef Bundles
 Each of these bundles include the following...
4-Delomonica steak,4- New York Strip Steak, 4- Fillet Mignon, Roast -2, Soup bones -2,  Bottom Round Steak -2, Sirlion Steak-1 and Tip Steak-2. These steak are deboned and ready for the grill. We have also included 40 steak seasoned hamburger patties, and 26lb. of regular burger. Price for these 1/8 boxes is $378. Each box has approximately 43lbs. of meat. 

                       1/8 Beef Bundle
    This beef is all hamburger. Each box has  52 lbs of meat that is vacuum packed in 1 lb packages .  This beef is a holstine cow that was born,raised and butchered on our farm.   The price for this 1/8 beef is $287.50. 

                         1/4 Pork Bundle
  These bundles will have a variety of items for your freezer. Items are 1/2 of a ham in slices, and 1 ham end, 5 lb.of bacon in 1lb.  packs, 1 pork roast, -4 packs of pork chops, 2 chops in a pack, 1  pack of ribs, 9 packs of regular sausage, 9 packs of hot sausage links- 3 links in a pack.. Price for these boxes are $163.93.

   The pork bundles and beef  bundles with steak and burgers would make excellent memorial day weekend grill parties!